The below files are free windows games
I hope that you enjoy them

you will find the installation instructions below

Thanks to Allen Maynard and David Greenwood I am now using direct x 8
So you will need at least direct x 8.0 to play
Pong version 2 (

Click here to go to the web site for the standings etc of the
Mach 1 World Wide Grand Prix Championship series 3.1m bytes February 2003
Mach 1 my rendition of the Atari car racing game Pole Position.
Try to get the best elapse time using your hand ear coordination
to drive your 225 mile an hour plus race car
on 8 different race tracks with 3 difficulty levels.
New in this version
Faster acceleration, higher top speed, better brakes etc
The game is self voicing with adjustable rate of speech.
So you will want to disengage your screen reader
before the race actually starts.
Please also read the mach1.txt text file
before you start the game. 2.3m bytes April 2003
A sound based version of pong
which 31 years ago was the first ever video game
This game is self voicing with human speech
Please read the pong.txt text file before playing the game 3.3m bytes March 2003
play 18 holes of golf on 1 or all 5 of our beautiful courses
or hone your skills on the driving range and putting practice green
hand ear coordination required to hit the ball
game is self voicing so no screen reader is required
in this version it now saves your speech settings
has a log file of how you did on each hole
and other text files in the golf sub menu 2.8m bytes April 2000
bopit game for windows 95 or 98
bugs fixed
arrow keys reversed to match the dos version
difficulty levels added
if you are using the sound card for your synthesizer
it will now work better for you than it did

To install the above windows games you will first want to use pkzip
or winzip to unzip the zip file to a temporary folder or directory.

Next you want to run the setup.exe program.

So when you run the setup.exe program the first thing that you get
is the message that this is visual basic 4.0 set up and that you
should not be running any other programs while running this
installation. If I route my jaws cursor to the pc cursor and do a
say line it says o k exit set up. The default button is o k so I
just press enter. Next I route the jaws cursor to the pc cursor
again and the line reads click this button to install the game to
the specified destination directory. The button is a
graphical button and I do need to route the jaws cursor to the pc
cursor and then press the left mouse button. Next it reads the
percentage of installation complete. Next it says installation
complete and lands on an o k button I press enter and it leaves
the setup program and the game is ready to be run.

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