The below games are free windows games that use
the free Microsoft sapi5 text to speech engine

You will also need directx 8.1 or better
and a multi channel sound card 2.4m bytes May 2003
contains a game menu system and the board game of life
Please install the file before installing any of the below games.
this version of life has an optional computer player
and values adjusted for inflation

install.txt Click here to down load the install.txt file.
If you are running Vista or Windows 7 the install instructions are also at the bottom of this page.

deluserlex.exe 37k bytes November 2006
A sapi5 repair program that will repair the MS sapi5 text to speech engine.

SpeechXP.exe 4.0m bytes March 2007
Microsoft Mike and Mary TTS Engines
Installs these additional SAPI 5 voices onto your computer. For Windows XP only.

SpeechFull.exe 7.0m bytes March 2007
Microsoft TTS Engines - Full Package
Installs the Mike, Mary, and Sam voices, plus the SAPI 5.1 core components. For Windows 98, ME, or 2000. 1.1k bytes December 2009 is a simple sample guess the number game with it's VB6 source code. It uses the sapi5 text to speech engine and DirectX. I have commented the code hopefully so that one can tell what each line of code does. All of my code is in the guess.frm file and starts with the line that reads
' Sample guess the number game By Jim Kitchen
Everything above that is put there automatically by VB6.

The below files will extract to the c:\program files\kitchensinc
folder and be added to the game menu that was created when you
install the file.
so please down load and install the file before you
down load and run any of the below game files

winhang2.exe 578k bytes November 2011
hangman game with a word list with 12 thousand words
and an adult word list with over 350 words
in this version you can also make your own word list if you like
Version 2 has a phonetic spell option and the game now creates a log file. And the change voice feature is fixed.

winbase5.exe 5.3m bytes November 2013
An arcade style baseball game
a couple of bugs fixed
the commercial volumes lowered
and it now saves the speech settings
New in version 3, editable player names, reviewable half inning stats,
more plays, more commercials which you can change or add to,
improved sound files, volume control,
batting practice mode so that you can pick the pitch or not,
a separate batting practice program for practice in between games
and a BaseballRules.txt file.
version 4 fixes the bug where it would not speak the half inning stats on some computers
version 5 now writes the baseballlog.txt file of the entire series to your documents\kitchensinc folder.
And I added new commercials baseco14.wav through baseco22.wav.

winmule2.exe 454k bytes September 2013
A galactic drug sales game
The game now writes it's log file (starmulelog.txt) to your documents\kitchensinc folder. I fixed the select voice feature and it pronounces the planet types a bit better now.

wintriv2.exe 688k bytes September 2011
A trivia game engine including 50 various trivia files
You can also make your own trivia files for the game engine
Version 2 now puts text on the screen and creates a log file.
The trivia files are;
Amusement Rides, arthurian legends, astronaut, AudysseyBabbleTrivia, auto-racing, basketball, BEATLES, beavis and butt head, BIBLE, birds, Canes and Cane Travel, chess, CHRISTIE, Classic Commercials, COKE, COMPUTER, famous quotes, flintstones, funfacts, GAMES, general-knowledge, general-trivia-1, general-trivia-2, general-trivia-3, general-trivia-4, geo-world, good-news, Harry Potter 2, harry-potter, languages, lord of the rings, macbeth, MUSIC, MUSIC~2, OLDIES, pink floyd, popmusic, presidents, SPORTS, Star trek movies, star-trek-1, star-wars, StarTrekDS9, StarTrekTNG, StarTrekVoyager, States and Capitals, Terminator Series, true-or-false, World Capitals, world-series

winlad2.exe 569k bytes February 2007
snakes and ladders a fun game for all ages
with lots of animal sounds and fun music
In version 2 I fixed the midi file player and added features such as a save game feature, a selection of sounds for when you move etc.

wincon2.exe 205k bytes June 2005
A 2 player concentration game
with regular or adult prizes which you can edit
if you don't want the adult prizes to be available
simply delete the concentration2.dat file.
Bug fixed, voices fixed and you can now press the f11 key to adjust the volume of
the voices and sound files.

winmast.exe 123k bytes December 2003
Master mind
a game where you try to figure out what the secret numbers are

wincas2.exe 1.3m bytes January 2004
a package of casino games which now has a black jack table
a craps table, a 5 card draw poker machine, a slot machine
and a roulette wheel table

winbrl.exe 86k bytes March 2004
A grade 2 braille reference guide program

wintruc3.exe 1.4m bytes July 2014
Trucker a cross country big rig driving simulation game
In version 3, the f4 key now allows you to adjust the volume of the sounds and speech. Also, the game now creates a trucklog.txt file in the My Documents\kitchensinc folder.

winyaht2.exe 336k bytes July 2013
play Yahtzee, Double Yahtzee or Triple Yahtzee with up to 9 players
Version 2 fixes a bug with the select voice and now at the end of the game the scores go in your documents\kitchensinc\yahtzeelog.txt file.

winpolyx.exe 1.2m bytes December 2012
Classic Monopoly board game
play with 2 to 6 players or against the computer
Added new pieces and 3d surround sound for movement around the board.
In version 3 I fixed a couple of bugs, fixed the voices and added features such as
adjustable volume of voices and sounds, computer player name options,
a free parking amount option, a collect rent while in jail option
an auction option and you can now make your own board
in version 4 I fixed the computer player mortgage while at auction bug the computer player in jail bug
and you can now have and pick from multiple board configuration files
Thanks to Holden the game now comes with a British board configuration file
In version 5 I have added a clock, a chance choice option, a quick tour option,
hyper keys for choosing token and board as well as fixing a few things with the computer player.
The game now includes 48 different boards to choose from
in version 6 I fixed a couple of bugs and added 9 new board files
Please read the special key instructions for some new options
In version 7 I fixed many bugs, such as the auction option in
a resumed game, the recognition of a monopoly after an auction
there are no more houses on the railroads or utilities
when selling houses etc.
I also added features such as the f2 key will toggle
the playing of music while your piece is moving
the f3 key will toggle the speaking of a property color during
buying and selling houses, mortgaging and un mortgaging properties
checking assets etc.
Also the tilde key will now adjust the rate of the speech
rather than the control key.
In version 8 I fixed the alt tab problem and you can now have custom tokens, currency, houses and hotels. You can also edit the MonopolyCustom.txt file to change Go, Jail, Free Parking, Income Tax, Luxury Tax, Railroad, Utility, Bank, Community Chest and Chance. I have also added the features to roll the dice to see who goes first and for a person to resign from the game.
In version 9 the board files now contain things like the tokens, the currency and other squares on the board.
There is also now a separate monopoly board file maker program that can create a new board file or edit an existing one.
In version 10 you choose a sound for your token. And the game now creates a monopolylog.txt file.
also includes waver and reader.

WinSkun2.exe 249k bytes May 2014
Skunk a fun and funny dice game for all ages
In version 2 you can now play with up to 22 players.
Players now have the option to resign from the game.
The file skunklog.txt will now be created in your documents\kitchensinc folder with the results at the end of the game.

WinNFL4.exe 2.8m bytes September 2013
Jim's NFL football.
Pick your team and play an entire season hopefully making it to and
winning the superbowl game.
Also includes my Brain.
Version 4 now creates a play by play log file (footballlog.txt) in your documents\kitchensinc folder.

WinLife5.exe 365k bytes June 2013
The board game of Life version 5
Version 4 of the game of Life and the game menu program should now write their files to your documents\Kitchensinc folder. And the game of Life now creates a log file lifelog.txt.
Version 5 fixes the default bot voice bug.

WinShip2.exe 1.2m bytes March 2006
Play the classic board game of Battleship against the computer
or try the new Battle Star Ship game
In version 2 I added the f4 key to report the status of the ships
and changed some of the other special keys

WinGolfy.exe 1.7m bytes June 2013
Golf version 11 comes with 342 golf courses and the golf game as well as the golf course maker program now write their files to your documents\kitchensinc folder.

winsim2.exe 3.8m bytes January 2007
The game of Simon with 26 sets of sound files and much more.
Version 2 uses wav files instead of the dat files that some people were having trouble with.

winHHv5.exe 2.3m bytes December 2013
You are Homer, the Harley riding motorcycle dare devil. You have brought three of your specially modified Harley Davidson motorcycles to a small oval race track to try to set the record for the number of school buses you can jump.
Version 2 fixes the resume game and horn bugs as well as adds the play again and rocket booster features.
In version 3 I have added, a key to speak your speed, a points system, bonus Harleys and a practice mode.
In version 4 I fixed the practice mode save game conflict etc.
In version 5 the homerlog.txt file will be in your documents\kitchensinc folder. And you will receive an extra Harley for every perfect jump.
Note* you will need to disable your screen reader to play this game.

winpup3.exe 2.3m bytes August 2008
In Puppy1 you fly your twin engine airplane and use it's twin in wing machine guns to shoot down wave after wave of enemy aircraft before they shoot you down.
In version 2 I added adjustable wind volume, the space bar does the same as the right control key, more scoring information, exit information and a speaker check. I also fixed the out of range error as well as the menu and instructions delays and more.
In version 3 I added joystick support, more scoring information and now Puppy1 has pause.
Note* you will need to disable your screen reader to play this game, unless you are using a joystick.

winpong3.exe 1.0m bytes September 2008
A sound based version of pong
which 36 years ago was the first ever video game
version 3 now has joystick support and some sapi5 speech.
Note* you will need to disable your screen reader to play this game, unless you are using a joystick.

wincart2.exe 10.2m bytes October 2009
I wrote Mach 1 tts specifically for my Logitech MOMO Racing steering wheel joystick. It should work ok with other game controllers as well. However some of the tracks may be very difficult if not impossible to drive via the keyboard.
In version 2 I have added, 6 car engine sounds to choose from, 3 wall sounds to choose from, fuel consumption, pit roads, speech options and other game options etc.
Note* you will need to disable your screen reader to play this game, unless you are using a joystick.

winah4.exe 9.7m bytes August 2011
Gonk the ape has kidnapped Marge. You as Awesome Homer try to rescue her.
In version 2 it now reads only the level or levels that you just played, but you can still read the entire log file from the menu.
The cut scene in level 1 is now interruptible.
There is now a warning when the chainsaw is about to run out.
There is now a different sound for jumping and ducking.
The right shift and right control keys now work the same as the left shift and left control keys.
Once you finish the game, you can now pick to play any level.
And the not picking up the chainsaw bug is fixed.
In version 3, the escape key works properly to quit any level.
And now instead of the right shift and right control keys, the up arrow and down arrow keys work the same as the left shift and left control keys.
In version 4 I fixed the keys for level 6 that were wrong in version 3.

winreac.exe 94k bytes August 2011
Reaction is a simple little game to test your reaction time to a changing color and or sound tone.

winpres4.exe 2.4m bytes June 2014
My rendition of the TV game show Press Your Luck.
In version 2 you can play 3 human players, 2 human players and 1 bot or 1 human player and 2 bots.
Version 3 fixes a bug with the select voice and there is now a big bank, but 4 whammies puts you out of the game. The presslog.txt file will now be in your documents\kitchensinc folder.
In version 4 you can adjust the volume of the wheel independently of the other sounds and speech.

winguns.exe 2.8m bytes May 2013
Guns is not a game. It is just a machine gun program for when you wish to make some noise.
Pull the trigger of your joystick, or press the space bar to fire your gun. Press a number from 1 to 7 to switch guns. Press the control key to toggle the target sounds on and off. Press the escape key to exit the program.

winpd3.exe 9.2m bytes December 2014
Pizza Delivery
Earn tips and promotions delivering delicious pizzas from the Pizza Kitchen. The faster you get the pizza to the customer the bigger the tip.
In version 2 I fixed 2 small bugs, added a bit more spoken information and 40 new sound files.
In version 3 I fixed the repeated delay slash function key bug. I also added more toppings and sound files. And now from the main menu you can create and edit city street files so as to name the streets. Keep your screen reader running and be sure to keep the same number of street names.

To install my text to speech games in Vista or Windows 7, the first thing that you need to do is to run the setup.exe file in the file as it installs files that the rest of the games need.
So open the file, press S and then enter. The file is the first link on my free windows text to speech games page.
The rest of my games require full administration rights to install. To do this arrow to the games installation file, press the Windows context menu key, arrow to run as administrator, and press enter. This will allow you to install the game as administrator. Or you can just turn off the whole User Account Control thing in Vista or Windows 7 and it will do the same thing.

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