The below games are free windows games that use
the free Microsoft sapi5 text to speech engine

You will also need directx 8.1 or better
and a multi channel sound card 2.4m bytes May 2003
contains a game menu system and the board game of life
Please install the file before installing any of the below games.
this version of life has an optional computer player
and values adjusted for inflation

install.txt Click here to down load the install.txt file.
If you are running Vista or Windows 7 the install instructions are also at the bottom of this page.

deluserlex.exe 37k bytes November 2006
A sapi5 repair program that will repair the MS sapi5 text to speech engine.

SpeechXP.exe 4.0m bytes March 2007
Microsoft Mike and Mary TTS Engines
Installs these additional SAPI 5 voices onto your computer. For Windows XP only.

SpeechFull.exe 7.0m bytes March 2007
Microsoft TTS Engines - Full Package
Installs the Mike, Mary, and Sam voices, plus the SAPI 5.1 core components. For Windows 98, ME, or 2000.

The below files will extract to the c:\program files\kitchensinc
folder and be added to the game menu that was created when you
install the file.
so please down load and install the file before you
down load and run any of the below game files

WinSpan2.exe 1.7m bytes October 2010
An adult bop it style spanking game for adults only
In version 2 I added game pad support and there is now 3 modes of play, spank women, spank men and mixed.

wintjs3.exe 2.8m bytes May 2010
Triple J Shooter is an adult sexual joystick shooter game.
The game does support a joystick or keyboard.
I also included the program tjstest.exe. It is not a game, just a test program that I used to test some of the sounds and descriptions for the tjs game.
In version 2 I made the scoring speech interruptible with the trigger or keyboard and tweaked the target areas a bit.
In version 3 I added a new mode and a new difficulty level.

wincoup2.exe 6.2m bytes November 2010
Coupling is a typical adult couples, board, dice or card game. It will say things such as,
Jim you are to kiss Lisa's neck for 2 minutes.
You will be asked to enter the number of players, the name of each player and specify the gender of each player.
You may edit the macts.txt, mparts.txt, wacts.txt and wparts.txt text files to make the game into anything that you wish.
Please also feel free to add, delete or change the music wave files. Just name the wave files couple*.wav. Of course replacing the * with numbers or letters.
In version 2 it now says the time in minutes and seconds rather than in decimal.
I also fixed a couple of bugs.

winswar5.exe 21m bytes July 2013
Strip War is an X rated adult card game where you choose to play strip war, strip poker or strip black jack against 3 computer bots, or against other human players. (which you provide)
In version 2 I fixed the bug where a human player may not be told what article of clothing to strip off while playing war against another human player.
In version 3 I fixed the bug where the comments toggle did not work when playing black jack against bots.
The game should now write text files such as the striplog.txt file to your documents\kitchensinc folder.
Version 5 fixes a bug when making a human player.
And there is now dice after a game of war with human players.

windm1.exe 15m bytes December 2012
Dungeon Master is an adult sexual adventure game.
Warning* Dungeon Master includes acts of Sado-Masochism and sex.
If such things offend you, do not play this game.
In version 1 I have added several new locations, women and items.
I believe that I have fixed all of the bugs that were in the beta version.
In the game the f4 key will now speak the time.
You can now also choose your gender.

To install my text to speech games in Vista or Windows 7, the first thing that you need to do is to run the setup.exe file in the file as it installs files that the rest of the games need.
So open the file, press S and then enter. The file is the first link on my free windows text to speech games page.
The rest of my games require full administration rights to install. To do this arrow to the games installation file, press the Windows context menu key, arrow to run as administrator, and press enter. This will allow you to install the game as administrator. Or you can just turn off the whole User Account Control thing in Vista or Windows 7 and it will do the same thing.

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